Do I need to have any equipment?

No. Cabo Personal training provides everything you will need to achieve your fitness goals, however if you do have equipment we are pleased to incorporate it into your training program.

How many times should I meet with you per week?

At your free consultation we will discuss your goals and your current physical condition and that will determine how many sessions per week are needed.

What are the advantages to having a personal trainer?

There are a lot of reasons people have for hiring a personal trainer. Accountability, knowledge of proper program design, nutritional needs, life coaching, convenience, motivation, and altogether knowing that you need to have someone of experience to get you to your goals.

Will I have to be on the same schedule every week?

No. Though it is helpful to keep your sessions regimented to specific days, for schedule reasons we realize that it is not always possible. We will make every attempt to schedule your sessions around your convenience.

Do the sessions have an expiration date?

Session packages can have up to a 6 month expiation date depending on which package you purchase.



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